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    Aesthetic Dentistry

    February 26th, 2011
    Looking to improve the sparkle in your smile?  Need a cracked tooth fixed?  Did you know that there is a solution for you?  You don’t have to hide behind a closed mouth because of your chipped tooth.  Aesthetic or cosmetic dental treatments are available that can help you.

    If you live in Dallas, Tx, come and see me, Dr. Eric Hibbs, I can help you bring that sparkle back to your smile.

    Fixing Your Minor Dental Flaws

    There are many patients that I see on a regular basis at my Dallas office. Fixing a cracked tooth, taking care of discolored teeth, getting rid of the uneven spacing between your teeth and many other dental problems is what I, Dr. Hibbs specialize in. Aesthetic dentistry is the solution for you, and I can help you at my Dallas office.

    Don’t be embarrassed because of your dental problems. There are many people who have dental problems just like you. You can come in to my office that is located at 5600 W. Lovers Lane Suite 216, Dallas, Tx, and receive the right aesthetic solution.

    Aesthetic Dentistry is the Answer To Your Dental Woes

    I understand the embarrassment that you are going through when you look in the mirror and have that one tooth that is stained or discolored, or probably chipped. I treat these types of cosmetic flaws and much more at my office in Dallas, ~~state~.  I specialize in aesthetic dentistry solutions and can assure you a perfect set of pearly whites!

    Don’t hesitate to contact me, Dr. Hibbs, to bring back the confident smile that you long for. You can make an appointment by clicking here, or call my office at 214-DENTIST.

    You don’t have to shy away just because you don’t have the perfect set of teeth. There are solutions, and aesthetic dentistry is the best solution for you.

    Restorative Dentistry

    February 18th, 2011
    Is your smile being affected by the condition of your teeth and gums?  Do not worry; you are not the only one. There are plenty of people who have problems with their teeth, and I can help all of you.

    You can contact me, Dr. Eric Hibbs for restorative dentistry. I am a leading dental specialist in Dallas, Tx.

    I can diagnosis the severity of your condition.Did you know that with restorative dentistry, you can fix damaged teeth, tissues and gums that have been infected?  Are these problems preventing you from smiling? Then, you should know that restorative dentistry is your solution. Having restorative dental treatment done on your teeth, will improve your overall dental health!

    Expectations from Restorative Dentistry

    There are many different types of restorative dentistry procedures.  Contacting me Dr. Eric Hibbs at 5600 W. Lovers Lane Suite 216, Dallas, Tx can start you on the path to recovery.  At my Dallas office you can relax and know that you are being taken care of.

    Being able to smile and not feel uncomfortable with your teeth is simply great.  Having restorative dentistry care will not be an instant fix, however the time it takes to repair the broken teeth and treat your infected gums will be worth the wait.

    If your smile is holding you back and causing you to withdraw, then I recommend contacting me Dr. Hibbs to start on your restorative dental treatment.  Restoring the health of your teeth is the best dental decision you can make.

    Restoration of Your Smile

    When the restorative treatments are finished, you will walk out the dentist office with a smile that says “I’ve had restorative dental work done, so should you”.  Don’t hesitate to contact me Dr. Eric Hibbs to make an appointment. You can reach me at 214-DENTIST.

    I look forward to seeing you at my Dallas office.

    Dealing with Tooth Decay

    February 10th, 2011
    Everyone knows you’re supposed to visit your dentist twice a year to get your teeth cleaned and to get your mouth examined.  This isn’t just for the dentist’s sake; regular visits to your dentist can help stop painful
    problems in the future.  If you’ve ever had a toothache before, you know how bad they can get.  Don’t wait until you have a bad toothache to make an appointment to me today. My name is Dr. Eric Hibbs and my office is located at 5600 W. Lovers Lane Suite 216, Dallas, Tx.

    Regular Dentist Visits Prevent Unnecessary Tooth Decay

    Tooth decay can cause some serious pain and can wreck an otherwise beautiful smile.  Don’t let tooth decay take root. Stop it before it gets too far, or better yet, avoid it altogether. I’ve helped thousands of my patients at my Dallas office with tooth decay problems, I can help you as well.

    A toothbrush just can’t replace going to the dentist, no matter how many times you brush. One great benefit of seeing the dentist is the fact that we can even spot problems caused by incorrect brushing. So if you rely on brushing your teeth for dental health, you still need to see a dentist too.

    It’s very important a brush your teeth at least twice a day, and don’t forget to floss too.  Taking these good, precautionary measures is not enough to really keep your teeth as healthy as they can be.  To really fight against tooth decay it’s important to visit your dentist and get regular cleanings.  If you’re searching for a dentist, remember, my name is Dr. Eric Hibbs, and I serve the Dallas area.

    If you’d like to set up an appointment or consultation give my office a call at 214-DENTIST, or if you prefer to set up an appointment online all you have to do is click here.

    T M J – Jaw Pain Problems

    February 2nd, 2011
    If you’ve been suffering from jaw pain, you’re not alone.  Many times this condition is referred to as TMJ – short for temporomandibular joint.  This kind of pain is more common than you might think.  Unfortunately, so many people suffer and continue to suffer with serious jaw pain, but never take any steps to get their TMJ pain taken care of.
    I’m Dr. Eric Hibbs, and it’s not unusual at all for patients who suffer from this jaw pain to go years without ever letting anyone know that they are suffering.  Don’t keep any kind of mouth or jaw pain from your dentist.  There can be some very serious underlying conditions that could be causing your pain.  If you have TMJ or jaw pain, there are ways to relieve the pain that are easier than you might think.

    Don’t Put It Off Any Longer

    There is no good reason to suffer from the pain associated with TMJ. A trip to see me at my office, located at ~~address~, Dallas, Tx, could be the start of a pain-free future for you. Think about how great it would be to live without that constant pain. You’ll never know how easy it is to cure until you come in for a diagnosis. Don’t spend another day dealing with the pain of TMJ; there is help available.

    Remember that I, Dr. Hibbs am not just concerned with cleaning your teeth, even though that is very important.  Part of my job is to look for other mouth conditions that cause patients pain or discomfort.

    If you’ve suffered from jaw pain, don’t keep it a secret any longer.  Click this link to make an appointment at my Dallas office, or call 214-DENTIST.

    I can help you with TMJ or any other dental pain you may have, so get in touch with me today.