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    Free Consultation

    Have you been thinking about getting Dental work done? Wondering what options are out there? Now there’s nothing to prevent you from giving dental work a try…Call Dr. Hibbs, Dallas right now at the number above and get a free Dental consultation regarding your particular need or want.

    Don’t put this off! Tooth decay is one of the most common health complaints, second only to the common cold. And in fact, recent studies show that approximately 90% of Americans have at least one cavity – the result of advanced tooth decay!

    As a Dentist who has treated countless patients with advanced tooth decay, I can tell you that in most of these cases the root canals, fillings, and tooth removal that came as a result of advanced tooth decay could have been prevented!

    Get your free consultation with Dr. Hibbs. It’s no cost and you can click here or call %%custom4%% and get it right away.